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ICSM is a community of women working together, in an organic and dynamic way, providing a range of programs for women and their families.

Shivam Rachana

Principal of ICSM

Women's Mysteries 5 day Retreat

Spiritual Midwifery Training

Rebirthing Training

Tantra - Sacred Sexuality 

Breath therapy & cellular memory release 

Healing/Resolving Birth trauma for mothers & babies 

Relationship and Life Direction Counselling

Marriage Preparation

Subtle Energy Rebalancing  

Family Soul workshops

Phone Counselling

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"Searching for answers for my own health concerns opened up a whole new world of inspiring opportunities. I came to Melbourne to settle in the latter part of the 1980's. I began to explore the many therapies available. I knew there was more to life than I had experienced living in a small country farming community. My curiosity in those days took me to "Touch for Health, Colour therapies, Gem essences, reiki & sekhem energies, massage, meditation groups. I became an Educational Kinesiology Practitioner.

I was soon to face the crossroads in my health which took twelve months to recover. During this time I continued my search when I could. I returned to the Centre for Human Transformation in Steels Creek, Vic, for the first module of Body Transformation. My intention was to heal myself. 

For me this was a bonus decision. I began my own healing in a way that made a big difference & discovered that I also enjoyed doing the work. I was introduced to breath work & subsequently continued my studies over the next few years to qualify as a practitioner in Body Transformation & Breath Therapies. 

My participation in these therapies changed my life. I changed. The work "spoke" to me in a new way. I had lived my life fiercely independent, doing for myself, by myself. I thought if I reached out I would be hurt. My life lacked joy, compassion & trust. I was fearful of the future & blaming of the past. I lived with 'what ifs,' and expectations constantly left me feeling disappointed & depressed. Changing my perceptions & attitudes, I accepted the challenge of facing my innermost fears. With gentle guidance I began to move through those fears to understand my life.

I now live my life from a space of peace & contentment. I feel healthy, strong, happy. I love my life & have many beautiful friends. I have been doing this work for many years now. I am passionate about it. I see the difference it makes in people's lives. I absolutely know the difference it made in mine".

Email or Phone Shicina on (03) 9748 9910 Mobile 0448 836 016

Shicina practices:


Bowen Therapy


Wyndham Natural Medicine
64 Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing, Vic 3029

What Shicina Offers
Body Transformation is either hands on or subtle Zen body work. It invites you to explore who you are, how you operate in this world, what works for you, what doesn't & - the reasons. 

Breath Work is, as the name suggests, is working with your breath. It is a safe & simple process. through breath work there is the opportunity to experience richer & more meaningful relationships, open to a more productive & joyful life & become more available to yourself & others.

Both the body & the breath hold many secrets. Our breath connects us to life & our body is the vehicle through which we experience life. In an atmosphere of co-operation, compassion & courage much can be revealed as you visit the uninhabited parts of yourself. A clearer understanding of your life patterns alleviates the feelings of loneliness, disapproval & disempowerment. This allows you to consciously choose how to respond to situations & so free yourself from ineffectual behaviours. 

I invite you to experience these therapies, take charge of your life, create your own happiness, let go the fear that serves no useful purpose, be self confident, peaceful & content. 

The Bowen Technique is non-invasive & non-intrusive. This therapy is performed with a series of precise & gentle moves utilising meridians & acupressure points. Your muscles contract under stress & tension. This occurs in daily life in various ways & the body begins to feel heavy & restricted in movement. Bowen relaxes the body which in turn allows the healing to happen. It releases the tensions & imbalances. 

You - & your body - feel a welcome relief, lighter, sometimes "bubbly" A feeling of wellness pervades you, along with enthusiasm & a desire to enjoy life more. Bowen addresses a wide variety of dysfunctions from sporting injuries to more chronic problems which cover stiffness, muscle discomfort, often the result of consistent computer work, respiratory disorders such as asthma & hay fever headaches, strains & sprains, to name a few.   

Usually two or three sessions will give on-going relief. Occasional follow up sessions are a wise investment in yoour health.