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Breast Feeding

We live in a culture that certainly presents particular challenges to the breastfeeding mother and her baby. 


Our practitioners have all breastfed and have overcome many of these challenges themselves. Their experience and empathy provide a powerful combination that they  bring to mothers who need support.


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 day Retreat - Spending 5 days with your baby in this supportive environment is wonderful for you, your milk supply and your baby

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle and profound introduction to meditation techniques and ways of nurturing the body and the soul. Excellent for beginners and those wanting ongoing support in their life.


Recommended Individual  Sessions

Bodywork - Strengthen your connection to your heart and the flow of giving and receiving

Breathwork - Feel and let go of feelings from the past

Nurturing Massage


Recommended Articles

The Pleasure of Extended Breastfeeding - by Sarah Buckley