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Post Natal Depression

Our understanding of the primal nature of birth enables us to be most effective in supporting mothers when they feel that they cannot cope.  Our holistic approach considers body, mind and spirit so as to navigate the turbulent waters that some women find themselves in and this enables them to emerge deepened and wiser.


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 Day Retreat - A special time to relax and connect deeply with your feelings, your baby and your birth story

Caesarean Healing Day - Telling the stories, Healing the wound

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle and profound introduction to meditation techniques and ways of nurturing the body and the soul. Excellent for beginners and those wanting ongoing support in their life.

Recommended Individual Sessions

Bodywork - To strengthen and trust your body and all it holds

Breathwork - To feel and let go of feelings from the past

Recommended Articles

Baby Blues - By Elizabeth Pantley

Post Natal Depression - By Elizabeth Pantley

The Hidden Male Postnatal Depression - Michel Odent