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Post Natal Care

It is important that new mothers and their families are well supported. 


Our doulas provide the level of support that is ideal, they"mother the mother" and support families at this special yet potentially challenging time. 


Consultations with our specially trained practitioners, can be most beneficial for the resolution of birth trauma, in establishing breastfeeding and with relationship challenges. 


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 day Retreat - A special time to relax and connect deeply with your baby and your birth story

Doula services - Allow yourself to receive "mothering" care so that you can relax, rest, recover and be with your baby

Mothercraft - Receive ongoing support and information to feel confident with your new baby

Caesarean Healing Day's - Telling the stories, Healing the wound

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle supportive environment that nurtures and informs. 

Recommended Individual Sessions

Bodywork - To strengthen and trust your body

Breathwork - To feel, let go and open to the new



Recommended Articles

Baby Blues - By Elizabeth Pantley

Post Natal Depression - By Elizabeth Pantley

The Pleasure of Extended Breastfeeding - by Sarah Buckley

Babies and Sleep - By Sarah Buckley