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Birth has longstanding effects on mother and child. To enable optimum neurological development each baby deserves to be born into a loving environment where it and its' mother are  fully supported to do what nature has designed.  

We trust birth, and from our long experience we know that when women are well supported most can and do deliver their babies naturally, enjoying the full benefits of the marvellous hormonal cocktail that enables mothering to flow easily.

Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 day Retreat - connect with your inner wisdom and your emotional and spiritual truth

Spiritual Midwifery - understand the timeless woman's birthing intelligence

Recommended Individual  Sessions

Breathwork - To feel and let go of feelings from the past

CalmBirth - To give you tools to relax

"This second stage, contractions were further apart and somehow easier to deal with. They felt like a strong force moving through my body. All I could do was go with the intensity of this force, letting my body do what it needed to do. I got into the pool and totally surrendered to my body...

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