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Birth Preparation

Birth is a peak experience. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Paying attention to each of these areas and ensuring optimum health in each has a  woman and her baby  arrive at the birth time well prepared.


There are many options to be considered and our independent childbirth educators provide information that ensures couples are able to make fully informed decisions  for their child's birth.


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 day Retreat - Connect with your inner wisdom and to connect with your emotional and spiritual truth

Spiritual Midwifery - Understand the timeless woman's birthing intelligence

Childbirth Preparation Classes - Teaming the information you need with the wisdom your body already knows

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle and profound introduction to meditation techniques and ways of nurturing the body and the soul. Excellent for beginners and those wanting ongoing support in their life.


Recommended Individual Sessions

Bodywork - During labour a woman's body opens to allow the passage of the baby. Past tensions and inhibitions held in the body can disrupt the natural opening, causing her to feel pain and fear. The intensity of this experience can be overwhelming, making it hard to labour naturally. During Body Transformation sessions, the woman learns to use her breath, sound and awareness to allow her body to open. She learns to remain present, to relax and go deeply within herself. These skills assist her to surrender to the individual pattern and rhythm of her baby's birth. Women who have undertaken Body Transformation during pregnancy report deep satisfaction with the outcome. Body Transformation Practitioner and Physiotherapist, Sambodhi has pioneered a process for healing the long term effects of epidural anaesthetic in the body.

Breathwork - To feel and let go of feelings from the past

CalmBirth - To give you tools to relax



Recommended Articles
Natural Birth

Ecstatic Birth - Nature's Hormonal Blueprint for Labour by Sarah J Buckley

Hormones in Labour - by Sarah Buckley

Do no harm at Birth - By Sarah Buckley

Healing Birth Healing the Earth - By Sarah Buckley

The Meaning and Function of Labour Pain - Verena Schmid


Lotus Birth

Lotus Birth - A Ritual for our Times - By Sarah Buckley


Drugs During Birth

Epidurals - Real Risks for Mother and Baby - By Sarah Buckley


Choosing the right hospital

Survey on Melbourne's Maternity Hospitals


Dearest Rachana,

Well, here we are, finally our little spirit has arrived. Whoa! What an amazing journey - Rachana the birth was triumphant! I remained present, calm and remembered to breathe! It was drug free - 6 1/2 hours and my doula was sensational (in fact two of my friends hired her straight away). You know the 5 day (Women's Mysteries retreat) reminded me of the strength I have within myself and my 'wise woman' was certainly present that night.


 Ian of course is fabulous - I can hardly get my hands on Tahlula! It has also brought about a deepening of our relationship and we are falling love with each-other all over again. Tahlula is in her body and has certainly been here before (look out!).


I must have enjoyed the experience as two days after she was born i declared to Ian "that's it! we are having four children" ha ha. So blessed. Thank you again for your guidance, love and support, I carry your teachings with me and am passing them on to every woman I know.

Lots of love Rachael, Ian and Tahlula xxx