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Fertility & Conception

Our race's existence depends on healthy fertility.  As women we are born carrying our children tucked away in our ovaries. In caring for ourselves we care for the next generation as well. Issues in fertility can be generational and we have pioneered healing modalities that  are able to address these matters holistically.


All our courses aim to support  optimum circumstances for conception.  The more fully conscious the parents-to-be are, the greater advantage they provide for their incarnating child.


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 day retreat - Connect deeply with yourself and your relationship to yourself as a fertile woman

Tantra - Strengthen the conscious loving in your relationship

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle and profound introduction to meditation techniques and ways of nurturing the body and the soul. Excellent for beginners and those wanting ongoing support in their life.


Recommended Sessions

Bodywork - release toxins and beliefs held in the body and prepare your body for opening to life

Breathwork - let go of emotions and limiting beliefs