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"Menopause is a time of major transition and our wholistic understanding of the woman's journey enables us to hold a safe and deep space for this rite of passage. We feel no need to shirk the challenges because we know that victory is only for those who dare." 



As the body grows and ages, it undergoes certain changes that develop it's potential to carry greater and higher frequencies of energy. This means that with each milestone of life we have the capacity for more information to be carried consciously in the body. Under optimal circumstances, this is the getting of wisdom. 

Some of the major initiations in life that are available to women are:

  • being conceived in love
  • being born naturally into a healthy body.
  • being welcomed into the world by loving parents.
  • being taught by example to love and nourish the body and to explore and understand it's functions with pleasure.
  • flowering joyfully into womanhood with the beginning of fertility and menstruation.
  • opening safely and freely and in one's own time to the sexual mysteries and the expression of passionate love.
  • conceiving one's children consciously
  • being pregnant and growing the body for another being within one's own body.
  • giving birth powerfully and naturally and blissfully welcoming the baby onto the planet.
  • nourishing, protecting and encouraging one's children through their development in a harmonious family environment within a loving community. 
  • relinquishing fertility and opening to a perspective beyond the personal.


If the appropriate potentials do not open fully, or if the body is traumatised, then it is burdened with an aspect of the past that it will continue to try to go back to in order to heal and complete. Where there is an accumulation of these pulls from the past, one has less and less capacity to be in and respond to the present moment. These pulls from the past manifest themselves as tensions in the body, mental stresses, moodiness or emotional withdrawal, lack of energy, the disappearance of grace and joyfulness from one's life.


Recommended Programs

Women's Mysteries 5 Day Retreat - A special time to relax and connect deeply with your feelings and your life up till now.

Women's Mysteries Menopause 2 Day Retreat - Journey with your sisters for the weekend as we unveil the mystery of menopause.

Women's Healing Circles - A gentle and profound introduction to meditation techniques and ways of nurturing the body and the soul. Excellent for beginners and those wanting ongoing support in their life.


Recommended Individual Sessions

Bodywork - To strengthen and trust your body and all it holds

Breathwork - To feel and let go of feelings from the past

Recommended Practitioners